Repetitio est mater studiorum (Повторение - мать учения)

A new way to quickly memorize any
video lessons

Thanks to our service, you will learn to play the piano, guitar, the art of dance and much more 5 times faster!

Master the guitar and amaze everyone with your game
Learn to dance beautifully
Martial arts
Learn combinations from martial arts
Master openings and traps in chess
Repeat the exercises after the coach
And many other areas of application of the service

How it works

All you have to do is copy any link from Youtube video hosting to our service and configure looping parameters

Cycle length
Choose a comfortable looping length. Experienced students can work with long segments, beginners can set up very short segments.
Deceleration and acceleration
If the teacher shows too fast and you can't keep up with his technique, then it's not a problem! Choose the speed that is comfortable for you.
Pause after playback
This functionality will be useful for you to set a pause after each video playback. This way you will repeat after the teacher calmly, without haste and in silence.
Number of repetitions of the cycle
Someone will learn in 2 repetitions, and someone will need as many as 30 repetitions. It depends on the skill of the student and the level of complexity of the material. Adjust your comfortable repetition parameters before moving the cycle forward.
Automatic transfer of the cycle forward
If you expect that by repeating a cycle of 10 seconds 20 times, you are guaranteed to learn this fragment, then you can configure the service to move the cycle forward by 10 seconds, and you will learn a new segment without touching the mouse.
Big pause
Set up a big pause so that after memorizing the first and second segments, you can repeat them together, one by one.

While we are working in beta test mode - service is free

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